Kinsel Outfitters offers 3 day (2 night) guided hunting packages. Hunters arrive in the afternoon of the first day, get all checked into their accommodations, head to the gun range for a practice shot, and meet their guide. Then you are off to hunt! When you return from your first evening hunt, you will have a chance to relax by the campfire, enjoy a refreshment and interact with your group while we cook you dinner ( we have a selection of items you can choose from, but most just let us pick the menu, you won't go to be hungry). The following morning, we will have coffee and a few snacks ready when we wake you up. Then off for your second hunt. When you return midmorning, we will have a full fledged hill county breakfast. Then you can relax and watch you favorite football team on the big screen, shoot skeet at the skeet range, fish in our pond in front of the lodge, or continue to hunt if you so desire. About mid afternoon we will have snacks available to hold you over though you evening hunt. After your evening you will one again relax, under the stars while telling you friends of your hunting escapades. Then you will enjoy a feast. You are welcome to howl at the moon into the night. The third day, if you have not harvested your animal you will be off just like the day before. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the trophy you will be proud of.

If you have already shot your buck and still want to hunt, possibly for a wild hog or a coyote, you are welcome to do so. Or you can sleep in and we will have a hot breakfast for you when you awake. We will then assist you in quartering your buck and preparing it for travel.

Kinsel Outfiters is blessed to have some of the best guides. They all have very unique personalities that will add to your hunting experience. They are familiar with the ranch and know a little about deer as well. Listen to your guide, they are there to help you. Their word is final.


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Laith Bannowsky

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